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Shanghai Shinetoo Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED high bays, LED low bays, LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED high mast lights, LED wall packs, LED shoebox l...

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    No. 1505 Xinfei Road, Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
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Company Profile
Shinetoo Lighting specializes in high power LED luminaires for outdoor, commercial and industrial applications. The company's products are specifically designed to cater to the North American markets with complete certifications and qualifications (UL/cUL, DLC) that allow its products to have full safety compliance, meet local energy codes and be qualified for utility rebates. Shinetoo also carries a line of TUV, CB, SAA, PSE, and TIS certified products which are warrantied to give its customers a competitive edge in the important yet extremely challenging markets outside North America.

The advanced range of Shinetoo's products consist of LED high bays (linear, dome/UFO and class round reflector style), LED low bays, LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED high mast lights, LED wall packs, LED shoebox lights, and LED PAR cans. The new generation of its LED high bay lights is the fusion of contemporary styling and cutting edge LED technology. Its UFO LED high bay lights feature rugged die cast aluminum housings, precision engineered optics, multiple lumen levels and light distributions. The linear LED high bays have a durable chassis built with high strength aluminum extrusions that provide unmatched thermal management of the LEDs and drivers. Shinetoo's high mast LED luminaires provide the best combination of horizontal and vertical illumination in high mast lighting by utilizing a unique optical design. The excellent uniformity, superior visibility and substantial energy savings give Shinetoo's products tremendous advantages in satisfying all high mast application lighting requirements. The company's sleek and stylish LED flood lights create extraordinary design flexibility to offer a modern and sophisticated edge to any exterior.

Shinetoo has been serving the needs of worldwide customers seeking high-quality, energy-saving lighting solutions since 2008. Today, Shinetoo has built a solid reputation for its value-engineered products sought by those for whom high performance and dependable reliability are of paramount concern. The company continues to expand and innovate to meet the ever-increasing demand across diverse sectors. In June 2017, Shinetoo relocated its manufacturing facility from Shanghai to Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The new manufacturing facility is still advantageously located with one hour's drive to Shanghai, but most importantly, this modern infrastructure gives Shinetoo full-blown capabilities to develop and manufacture cutting-edge products with significantly more flexibility and a multiplied production capacity.
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